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About us

Since 2011
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Cerâmicas na Linha started in 2011 with a shop in Carcavelos.

In 2013 the shop closed and opened a new one in Forúm Oeiras, shortly after in 2015 opened in Chiado and more recently, in 2022 opened the third shop in Cascais.

The concept of Cerâmicas na linhas was initially a combination of different types of tableware, adapting to the style of each client. Today we already have our own lines, so that the client can buy an entire set and find it on sale for big period of time.

In Cerâmicas na Linha you can find multiple offers of pieces made by reputable portuguese brands. All products are made in Portugal.

The company has been growing, counting already with approximately 40 employees.

During the pandemy we started our online sales through facebook, Instagram and email and now with the website created in 2023.


Luza was created in 2017 with the objective to sell prestigious Portuguese brands like Bordallo Pinheiro, Costa Nova, Vista Alegres (glasses), Casa Alegre, etc, in a different environment from Cerâmicas na Linha.

In 2019 Luza made its first collection with its on brand.